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A self-taught artist, Walter "Chauskoskis" Jacott ate his first bar of clay at the age of 5, a time when a pencil was his first friend. Working as a successful graphic designer, painter, sculptor, and illustrator, he has been inspired over the years by Mexican comic books, Lucha libre, fantasy, terror, crappy movies, Sci-fi, classic cartoons, and the 'big art' masters. A multifaceted artist who's created all sorts of weird and strange characters, his diverse career includes making the master sculpt for figures such as Jeff Lamm's Greasebat and Mini Greasebat, Gary Ham’s Wooper Looper, Adam Saul’s Semi Korosiya, Frank Mysterio’s Antichrist 666, and Phil Lumbang’s Awesome Bear. Also known for his original designs, these have been produced throughout the years by the likes of Kidrobot, Toy2R, and Dudebox.